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About Us

Volantis logistics is a corporate logistics company where land trucking ,airway cargo transport, seaway FCL & LCL cargo transport, railway cargo transport, project cargo and all other logistics services are offered in a perfect way. It is restructured as an organized instution that has full service politics with its full equipped bases and perfect communication network

Volantis can produce unlimited special solutions by integrating all necessary logistics services to fulfill the need of the customers.

Volantis that is one of the innovater companies of the sector founded with domestic capital has a priority of customer satisfaction thanks to its innovative profile.

Seaway Logistics

Volantis logistics produces reliable and quick solutions with relevant cost in time for every kind of seaway cargo transport between Turkey and the ports all over the world thanks to its common international service network

Airway Logistics

Volantis logistics , thanks to its customer focused experts and international networl, reliable and quick solutions with relevant cost for all kinds of airline transport between Turkey and the airports all over the world.

Land Transport

Volantis logistics international land transport service build land bridges between Turkey and Europe, Scandinavia, Baltics , Near and Middle East and North Africa countries. In this process, Volantis plug away your load to arrive to the target place in the quickest way.


Volantis logistics, integrates railways with the other types of transportation because of the importance and potential of railways in the future. The most appropriate wagon type provides your load to arrive safely.


Volantis Logistics, with its Intermodal services, offers an alternative service for your complete and partial loading. During this transportation process, with special container, loads are directly transposed from one place to another quickly.The aim in this transportation model in which land, railways and maritime are used in a mixed way is optimum time and maximum environmentalism.


Volantis logistics, with its integrate solutions to business world, started to world class service in the fields of fair and activity logistics.We produce optimum solutions for all operations in all organizations like fair, concert, exhibition, etc. you organize or attend.